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Andrology Consulting

Improving services using evidence and risk based strategies

We offer expertise in a wide range of services to assist laboratories, clinics and professionals in Reproductive Medicine.

Andrology Consulting
Andrology Consulting

Improving quality, safety, and clinical value

We have experience in consultancy for inspectorates, legal services or commercial companies in all aspects of the andrology service in  the clinical setting or in research and innovation.

Based on 30 years in National Health Service and University environments, work with a variety of professional and accrediting bodies, societies and legal representatives, we pride ourselves in having the necessary skill set to provide sound advice, or specific project work, partnering with clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and providing workable and cost-effective solutions. Contact us to see if we can help or to learn more about what can be offered.

Andrology Consulting

Diagnostics in male fertility

Innovate & modernise

Looking to develop your service? We are strong believers in evidence-based science and medicine and concentrating on a testing profile which is reliable and relates to clinical outcome. We can help with designing safe and cost-effective practice, modernise and validate process and procedure, risk management and costings. Need help preparing for accreditation  and not sure where to start? Let us help.

Therapeutics & Cryo-processing

Optimise sperm processing

Clinical practice varies considerably and usually evolves over time. Busy services rarely have spare time to take stock, review clinical results, the evidence base and ensure that procedures are fully validated and optimised going forward. Accreditation and licensing now require services to ensure that procedures are designed and implemented with full validation and an evidence base to support their use.

Andrology Consulting
Andrology Consulting

Long-term cryostorage

Planning and risk managment

Critical incidents in sperm banking are often high profile and can lead to prolonged litigation. Cryobanks require careful resourcing and planning, especially with respect to health and safety, capacity and protecting what patients may view as their 'priceless' stored material. Contact us for a review, risk assessment of the service or help in future planning.



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