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Hewitt Fertility Centre shows clear tangible benefits in using SAMi (CASA) for IVF processing

Congratulations to Tamanda Timvere-Hartley based at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, one of the UK’s largest IVF centres, for winning the Jean Purdy prize at Fertility 2023 (Belfast) for her short presentation. Her data demonstrated that employing SAMi in the IVF lab improves embryologist efficiency and accuracy when processing patient samples and providing a suitable insemination dose for IVF.

CASA’s value in research, sperm toxicity testing and diagnostics is well-established. Providing that sperm identification/counting has demonstrated parity with the most reliable established manual methods (see Tomlinson et al, 2010), the benefits of having a quantitative assessment of sperm motility are unquestionable, especially when the level of subjectivity associated with manual estimates is considered. Therefore, not only can SAMi provide a more reproducible/ reliable sperm assessment as part of the diagnostic work-up, during sperm cryopreservation and in sperm processing for intra-uterine insemination, the same tangible benefits have now been clearly shown when processing sperm during IVF.

Summary of SAMi benefits

§ Uncomplicated and simple to use CASA software giving simultaneous concentration and motility assessment

§ Sperm concentration validated against WHO gold standard methodology and provided in a fraction of the time

§ Manpower savings which allow staff more time to concentrate on activities with higher levels of associated risk

§ Quantitative motility assessment as opposed to manual estimates

§ Sperm velocity (cannot be assessed without CASA)

§ Hard copy data and video stored which are a more tangible asset than simple numbers on a piece of paper or report card

All available as either annual ‘pay as you go’ model or upfront capital payment

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